Saturday, February 26, 2011

Back From My Quest for a Mythical Horned Beast

I have finally returned from the seemingly unending quest that was forced upon me by the ever-evil AnnaMay & Dave! They insisted that there had been unicorn sightings and informed me that it was my job to find out the validity of these claims. Was I given the courtesy of a crew to aid in my investigation? No! Was I put up in hotels? No! Was I given any direction of where these mythical beasts might be located? No! I was given some camping gear, a pat on the back, and instructions not to come back until I had unearthed some evidence of these horned horse monsters!

As the above image shows these devious creatures, these horrific dark beasts, would gladly tear out your still beating heart with their razor sharp skull-swords! I believe that the sparkling pictures people paint of them actually depict the tears shed by their disembowled victims!

I will never forgive those insolent Geek World fools for sending me on this worthless task and forcing me to utter the word Unicorn more times in the last few months than anyone should say it in their lifetime.

Now that I am back it is time for me to get back to plotting my eventual seizure of the world of geek! I cannot allow such ineffectual knaves to control me for much longer! They will be mine, perhaps by the piercing blade of a unicorn's horn straight through thier hearts, that is if those so called geeks even have hearts! They have certainly blackened mine!

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